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1996 LS 400 road noise

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Hello to all.  Just purchased a 96 LS in great shape with 80K on the clock, one owner.  But the car has considerable road noise.  I plan on taking it to a nearby lexus dealer.  Tires on it are BF goodrich touring T/A.  They have plenty of tread. Car has only been driven 15k miles in the last 7 years.  Any thoughts.  Thanks.  


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Hi James....welcome to the Forum

I imagine that if the tyres have not rolled over much distance in that amount of years then the rubber could have hardened up (depending on ambient temperatures) and over time, may soften up with use. 
Alternatively, without actually seeing a close view of the tyre carcass then it may also be quite heavily cracked with age (the rubber has dried up).
I would inspect the tyres carefully for any visual cracking on the sidewalls and tread as if the car has stood in the same position for a period of time then this can lead to perishing in localised areas of the tyre.

Worth carefully checking and adjusting the tyre pressures (may be too high)

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On 11/26/2019 at 11:00 PM, James42 said:

Hello, a trusted mechanic says there is nothing wrong with My LS, and road noise is definitely coming from tires.  

Did you replace the tires?

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