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Issue with resetting tire sensors at dealer

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I bought a cpo 2015 RX 350, just had 1st servicing I had to pay for, They were unable to “reset the tire pressure sensors” (light had come on day prior but I had checked them manually & ok) They said the VIN # on the sensors did not match the car - so they could not reset -prior dealer where bought car must have switched tires/ rims.    if they were to reset sensors charge $140 .... so now I need to ask the other dealer who did covered servicing 4 times if they were resetting sensors gratis  & not informing me & 2) possibly go back 28 months later to lexus dlr where car was purchased. HAVE you ever heard of this happening ??? Thanks Lee

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Not sure that the sensors necessarily are coded individually to the car, more so to the TPMS control unit which should be quite standard

There are a selection of TMPS sensor reset tools on eBay which may provide an alternative route forward

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Each of the four tire pressure sensors have a unique identification code (it is not called a VIN #) that must be uploaded to the vehicle ECU through the diagnostic port in the driver side (left) footwell.  If the TLMS system has been working properly for 28 months, then the cause of the current problem is not from the selling dealer switching wheels.  It is more likely that one of the four TLMS sensors has failed or that the TLMS system needs to be reset due to altering tire pressures..  

If a sensor has failed, a competent tire shop should be able to determine which sensor(s) has failed by holding an appropriate electronic tool next to it and "pinging" it to determine it's ID code and battery health.  TLMS batteries usually last up to 10 years from my experience but they can fail much earlier and can be damaged during a flat tire repair.

After tire pressures have been corrected or after a flat tire has been fixed and reinstalled, it can be necessary to initialize the TLMS system by pressing the reset button under the dashboard until the TLMS warning light blinks three times.  It's described in the Do-it-yourself Maintenance section of your owners manual.  


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