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Looking For Injen Intake Photos


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I'm looking for Injen intake photos for LS400...I want to buy it, the problem is I dont know what it looks like and how it sounds like :D

And one more guestion:

When your tank is full, where is the needle? My isn't on the top,it's in the middle between full and 3/4... is this normal?

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heh, yeah, I'm sure, I'm filling tank as long as I cen see gas on the ground...

Could you tell me, how this low level light works? I heard that it goes off when gas level is very low...Am I right??

Thanks for the link. I don't see on this picture any holes for mass airflow sensor. I think this is needed here???

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K9krew wrote this 3 months ago :"you have 5 gallons left when the light goes off". This "off" - is this a mistake??? I don't have any owners manuals so I only rely on what you say...:)

3 months ago I was asking you about range on a tank. Many of you said, that you can do over 400 miles on a tank. Maybe this is true but isn't it on the highways???you know - non stop driving???

I tried to ride econo... in the city to the school (26miles both sides), never went over 2000 rpm, and never over 60mph. I calculated this and I got 13/14mpg. (here it's 16,5l/100km).

I cleaned throttle body and intake a little...And it gave me nothing...still the same range. I know I should change sparks, wires (made in 1990), distributor rotors and caps...I was thinking about changing o2 sensors too but if is't true, they're in good shape until the engine light goes on...

What can be wrong???And what if changing all these things I wrote won't help???

Could it be a temperature sensor???

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