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A few little issues with my 2001 LS430 so far...

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So I've had this happen about 3 times now in the past week or so. When I get to my destination and turn off the car, it will not release the key from the ignition. I have to start and shut off the car a time or two more before it will eventually release the key. Any thoughts on this?


I have also been noticing that the transmission (usually when it's cold I think), when it's shifting into 3rd gear (at low rpm and light throttle), the rpms shoot up several hundred rpm at the shift point, like it's slipping. Maybe just a transmission flush?


When the engine is cold, it idles silky smooth. You can't feel it at all, though once at full operating temp, there's just the slightest, and I do mean slightest bit of vibration at idle. 


Lastly, very rarely, but it does it, I can hear a tiny bit of pinging under moderate acceleration. It doesn't do it all the time, only sometimes. And yes, I use 93 octane. 


If you can give me your thoughts on any and all of this, it would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks in advance!

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