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My '07 RX350 is having some AC problems. I had the compressor changed about 2 years ago &  the evaporator coil changed about a year ago. It started out that I had a small, short whine noise when it got really hot outside, like 97*, & the AC would quit blowing cold. If you turned the AC off, waited a minute or so, and turned it back on, it would work fine. My mechanic couldn't find anything wrong. Now it has progressed to no whine noise, but if I run a bunch of errands, it will not blow cold when I restart the car-again, if I turn it off, wait, & turn it back on, it works fine. And now it will randomly blow warm air in the middle of me riding around-same deal-turn off, wait, turn on & it's fine again. Anyone have this problem? Any ideas what this could be?

I am so nervous to mess with the evaporator coil again as that mechanic cracked the dash all up! So hoping it is not that!

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Sometimes biting the bullet and having the dealership (Lexus or Toyota) mechanics troubleshoot the issue will save you time and money in the long run. It is more likely that they have resolved a similar issue. Based upon what you describe, this is not a simple component swap solution.

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