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    • By StephanieL
      Looking to replace my tires on my LS460.  I need some good quiet tires.  I had Michelin (19) and replaced them with BF Goodwrench.  The latter sounds like crap and nothing like the Michelin.  Other than Michelin, what do you recommend as a really good tire?
    • By Denvergal
      it's that time again, best tires for rain, slush, moderate snow?
    • By trinee627
      Looking to change tires on my 2013 gs 450h from the stock 235-45-18 to 245-45-18. Are there any serious issues that could arise. Not changing rims
    • By henwin
      Allow me to open the can of worms known as tires. 
      I live in the DC area and need to replace my OEM Bridgestones--on 18" wheels/RX 450h--soon. 
      I'm looking for a longer-lasting, comfortable riding tire that is all season and will have a tread wear warranty of at least 60K.  Good wet weather braking would be a plus.  I don't need tires rated over 120 mph--I doubt that this vehicle could go that fast.  I won't be carrying heavy loads or towing a trailer.  The less money they cost, the better, though I realize I'll have to spend over $100 per tire. 
      Suggestions would be appreciated.  Currently there are too many out there to even begin to contemplate, and I don't keep up w/ tires these days, anyway.
    • By Greta
      So I shopped for tires (P235/55R19) over the weekend and received conflicting information from various tire shops.  I prefer to stick with Michelins but am not opposed to other recommendations.  However, the information I received over the weekend was specifically related to Michelins.  I used to have a 2001 RX300 Silversport and had about 4 sets of Michelin Defender LTX M/S tires over the life of the vehicle while in my possession.  Those tires were great for treadwear.  So, should I stick with the Defender LTX MS for the 2015 RX350 or should I go with a different Michelin or a different tire all together?  The other Michelin choices are the Premier LTX, Latitude Tour HP, and Primacy MXM4.  Thank you for your help & recommendations. 
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