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Hello All ! I am having a problem, I have 2008 LS460, it just stopped starting, all lights and dash lights come on, I hear the click from the engine like it's trying to start but doesn't, then after I get out, with my head under the hood, I hear this whining noise or something spinning. I'm pretty sure it's coming from this black square box looking thing, at the top rear of the engine compartment next to what looks like a white brake fluid container. I hear a spinning noise for a few seconds and then it stops and then maybe 1 min later it does it again. This goes on 3 times then stops. It sounds like one of those little electric matchbox cars when you flip the switch and the tires start spinning (hope that helps and not confuse?) I researched the (not starting) problem online, everything I find indicates it's most likely the starter but it seems the starter is located near the bottom of the engine behind the passenger side tire. I read one can remove the passenger side tire, bend back the fire walls and see or access the starter. So I'm uncertain as to what the issue is based on all I hear and see from the car and what I'm finding online. The spinning noise is coming from the opposite area were the starter is supposed to be? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I did try starting it with a jump starter, no changes. Thanks!!

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