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I couldn't find  a thread so starting a new.  I just bought a 2016 CPO RX350 and have started noticing that wind noise is loud at around 70 mph on the freeway. Even my previous Camry was quieter than this RX. Is this a design flaw or I am looking at some lose seal or bad glass? Some other threads indicated the crossbars to be the culprit, but I don't have one and seems like the windows are dual pane too. The noise is loud and we have to turn up the music to really hear it :( I was expecting Lexus to be more quieter but its opposite. I couldn't find any TSIB for 2016 model so wanted to see what to do before taking it to the dealer?

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I went from a Camry XLE w/sunroom to the RX 350 w/sunroof, and I can’t tell the difference. Both seem a bit too noisy for being high-end models. Your sound system should have automatic volume increase set for speed increments some place in your settings menu.

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i found that opening the rear windows at any speed over 35mph gives the truck a loud base rumble that is very hard on the ears, i have to drive with the windows closed and its quiet as a bell but it sucks you really cant drive with the windows open .

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