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Nav and AC controls out

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The Center Dash Instruments stopped working. Has anyone had this issue?? They said I could send  it off to get checked or repaired but it would cost a 1000. Would it be easier to buy another center cluster for 400 from an old Lexus with same features

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I had this happen after a battery check was done. The Lexus logos would come up as usual  but no nav or backup camera. If memory serves I did have climate control and something else. 


Turned out there here was a 7.5A fuse that blew in the panel in the floor of the trunk.   I am told that one of the first things to do with an electronics issue is check all of the fuses because everything is so interconnected.







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I have been told by a tech (no Lexus training) that he was told by (unknown) that if the unit is replaced with a "working" one, Used or refurbished, that only a Lexus dealer, or a tech with a Lexus-exclusive programmer device, can initialize the replacement unit to the car.  Anyone hear any information like this?

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