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Alexa update Catastrophe

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I brought my 2018 LC 500 in for Alexa uprade to Lexus of Clearwater 5 weeks ago. The following day I was informed that the software download had failed and that my navigation unit and radio were fried. After many unfulfilled promises of new parts to correct the problem and delay after delay, today I was told the radio was once again on back order until Sept. 11th. This is the 3rd. radio delivery reschedule. Today I was also informed that Lexus does not supply new radios but rather reconditionned ones. I paid $105,000.00 for my LC and also have a multi thousand dollar extended warranty that I purchased and after all the wait without my beautiful vehichle I am now told that the replacement radio will be a reconditionned one. I did not cause the problem; they blew out my system; I believe, by carelessly folIowing the download instructions- I no longer want Alexa. All I want is my vehicle in the same condition that I brought it in. I cannot pick it up since the dash is disassembled. I also own a 2018 LS 500 F Sport. Over $200,000.00 of Lexus vehicles purchased in 2018 and this is how I am treated. A disgrace to Lexus! I would appreciate any help and suggestions. Thank you all.

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It is standard procedure for radios replaced under warranty to be replaced with repaired ones although you might end up getting a new one.  At least you didn't try the CarPlay/Alexa update yourself and trash the head unit as many owners have.   Both dealer techs and individuals have "bricked" head units while doing the update.  Some Lexus dealers suspended doing the updates until Toyota/Lexus came up with a reliable update solution.

I suppose you could ask the Lexus dealership to buy back your car and then move on to something else.  I have some experience with this kind of wait.

The A/C compressor on my first Lexus LS400 failed during the first summer I had it in 1990.  My LS was at the Lexus dealership for many days before I got it back but at least they gave me a nice loaner to drive in the interim. I would hope that your Lexus dealership has provided you with a decent loaner vehicle to drive.

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After talking to Lexus corporate, today I was told that I would be getting a new radio and soon. Yes, they have provided me with a nice 2019 ES. Thanks for the reply.

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