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What setting do I need to use to make my information screen on my 2012 LS460 show the name of the album, artist, and song being played. My friends 2010 Lexus shows the information when he is using Pandora via bluetooth, mine does not. The boxes on the display screen just show stars. If I pair my phone on his car the system works but it will not do the same on my car, therefore I would guess I need to change a setting on my car to get it to work.

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Does your in-dash screen display song or program information when you stream audio from a service other than Pandora?  If not, then I would suspect a phone software issue.  What phone model?

Pandora has sometimes gotten flakey with some vehicle models.  There was a several month period maybe five years ago when Pandora stopped displaying song information on the in-dash screens of some vehicles made by Toyota and the steering wheel controls could not be used to skip and restart songs.  After a few months Pandora fixed the problem.

I've also noticed that occasionally Pandora will not display song information for a particular song and then it will for the next song although this issue seems to have decreased in frequency.

If you haven't already, try deleting the Pandora app from your phone and then reinstall it.


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Thanks for the quick reply. My phone in a Google Pixel 2 and when I play Pandora in my car the music streams just fine, but there is no data on the screen of my car. My friend has a new Buick and I paired with his system with my phone and the music steamed just fine and the screen had all of the data, so I do not think it is a phone problem. I thought you might have hit on something with the delete and reinstall Pandora, but I did that and no change, stil streaming music but no data on screen.

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I suggest that you have your friend pair his phone with your LS and see if song information shows on its screen when he streams from Pandora.  That might show whether or not there is a compatibility issue between your Pixel 2 phone and your Lexus unless he has a Pixel 2 like yours.  

Did you try streaming audio from a service other than Pandora as I suggested so as to see if song/program information from it displays on your LS in-dash screen?   If it displays, that would indicate a compatibility problem between Pandora and your Lexus system.  If it does not display, the problem could be either with your phone or with your LS.

Edit:  Do you have any music or other audio stored on your phone that you could stream to your LS via Bluetooth to see if song/program information displays on the in-dash screen?

Lexus used to have a web page showing the level of compatibility between vehicle models and phone models but I can no longer find it on the Lexus website.  For your amusement, here is a link to an old compatibility list that shows what it looked like: Phone Compatibility List.pdf

It's not as much of a problem anymore due to improvements in cell phone service, but I used to notice that song/program information would sometimes not display in areas where cell phone data service was poor even though there was enough bandwidth for audio to play over Bluetooth albeit with occasional buffering and skips.  Do you have good 4G/LTE cell phone service?

Which cell phone provider you have can also matter a lot depending on where you live and travel.  For example, AT&T seems to provide the best service in the area in which I live followed by Verizon and then Sprint and T-Mobile bringing up the rear which is funny since Sprint's corporate headquarters is here.  I've got excellent cell phone service on AT&T at a friend's house down the street a few miles but he's having to get a household signal booster for his T-Mobile cell phone.

There are lots of variables.  

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