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    • By Mikie220
      I have found a couple of places who claim they have or can make a kit to the exact specifications for the seats of my 2000 RX-300. Has anyone had any experience with these companies? I really want to keep my car and have her seats back like new! Any advice welcome.
      GT Covers -
      MrStitch -
      Autoseatskins -
      Katzkin Leathers -
    • By GEGS
      Which one should I fix first? The power steering fluid is leaking and I have to refill it once per week. I had it looked at by a trusted mechanic and was told there were several leaks that needed to be addressed and would run me $500+ to fix. The upper and lower control arms on the front end need to be replaced, as well as the ball joints. I hear them popping at times while driving. The moonroof motor has run its course and it no longer opens. My headlights are not as bright at night and I would like to upgrade a brighter beam without burning out the harness. I really like the HID look. The upholstery, especially the center console leather has a giant hole in it. I replaced it once with an upgraded vinyl for $80. That lasted for 3 years now it needs replacing again. I want to upgrade the radio to play digital music (ipod, phone, pandora, etc) without replacing the factory radio. I tried the cassette player and radio frequency solutions but they were a major fail. The tape would not stay in the player and the fm stations all had static.
      Any suggesstions?
    • By Mikie220
      Hello all,
      I have a 2000 RX-300 in Gold. I LOVE it, she has 156K miles and runs like a top and still looks like new. The only thing I need to do to now is to replace the drivers seat covers and armrest.
      I'm looking for a factory replacement set for leather, heated seats. I've checked out a couple of places, ebay, etc. But wondering if anyone here has had good luck replacing theirs and has a good source to recommend.
      I want to keep my "Alexis" for another 100k at least!
      Appreciate any recommendations.

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