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A/c buttons and on nav screen inop

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I have a 2007 lexus es350. I noticed the cooling fans were not working so I wiggled the relay for them and they started working. I pulled the relay and made sure there was no corrosion on the pins. Good and clean. I reinstalled the relay and went to start the car. No buttons for the a/c came on and when trying the climate control on the nav screen, everything is grey. Nothing changes. The blower motor wont come on and I can select the a/c to turn on. I hooked up a scanner and try to read codes for the hvac unit and I get not communication to the module. I have checked all the fuses and they are all good. 


Any ideas? Anything will help. 

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This is just an educated guess, but I don't believe in coincidences. You pulled the fan relay and reinserted it ... and then your HVAC issues popped up?

I'd go back into the fuse box (with the ignition off of course) and pull the HVAC relay and any associated fuses and check them out. Its possible that you have the same issue as with the fans, or they were next door and you displaced its relay?

Note that many on board relays are exactly the same (number/color) and you can swap them out back and forth in the fuse box to determine which one is bad or good. Good Luck!

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