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AC only cools on LO setting

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2008 RX350; AC cools with the temperature set to LO. Raising the temperature setting 1 degree above LO and you only get hot air. What would cause this. Have basically lost control of the cooling temperature. 

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I own an ls400 and sc430 so I have no specific information about your model specifically,  but there are some additional things to check. Does changing the dual control feature have any impact?

Does the heater work? Is that temp controllable?

The cooling system is pretty complex. Without having specific schematics for your vehicle,  I dont think I can be much help. You need to have a diagnostic scan run and hope it comes up with something that could be useful. But considering how everything is tied together here, this might be a dealer issue or at the very least, one very good mechanic. Good luck and let us know what the resolution is when you get one.


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Problem resolved.  A sensor had not been re-connected after replacing the evaporator.  This sensor uses the ambient temperature in the car to make adjustments to A/C and heating.  Without the sensor, the only A/C setting that worked was LO since this by-passes and/or does need the ambient temperature in the car.

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I have this exact problem after replacing the dash.   I had one connector that I couldn’t for the life of me figure out where it went.  Any more info would really help.   

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