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Could timing belt replacement cause damage to anti-theft module?


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I brought my 2001 IS 300 in for a new timing belt and cam seals (the latter in an attempt to resolve an oil leak). The mechanic reports that he has finished that work, but that the car won't start because, he believes, there is a problem with the anti-theft module. However, he claims that the timing belt work was nowhere near the anti-theft module, and he couldn't have caused the problem. Obviously, the car didn't have that problem when I drove it in for the repair. Is it possible that the timing belt repair could have caused damage to the anti-theft system?

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Sheesh. Have them run a diagnotic scan to identify what DTC Code its throwing. This "he believes " crap is too much. Finding a good shop nowadays is almost impossible I know. But at least simple competence should be expected by the shop owners. Then come back to us and we'll see what kind of help you really need.



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