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platinum series emblem

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The part number appears to be PT211-33001 but it was listed as a discontinued part on the Lexus parts websites I searched.

If you can't find one online, maybe ask a body shop specializing in repairing Lexus cars.  If you still can't find one, I supposed you could remove them from your car.  They should come right off if you heat them up with a hair dryer and carefully pry them up. 

When I had a 2000 LS400 Platinum Series fender replaced in around 2013, the body shop had difficulty getting the replacement Platinum badge lined up correctly.  When I took the car back for them to try again, they pried off the Platinum badge they got on crooked with a heat gun and a plastic trim tool.  They got the 2nd replacement Platinum badge on lined up correctly.  I thought it was odd that the replacement Platinum badges were not exactly the same as the original badges in that they were missing the plastic coating of the original one.




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