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Rattle in the back of my 2007 ES350


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I have had a rattle in the back of my 2007 ES350 for some time now.

Thinks I know it's not:
- Muffler/shield related (new center exhaust pipe w/cats just replaced);
- Parking brake related;
- Rear brake dust shields a pretty bad but aren't the source of noise
- Stabilizer bar moves a bit but not noisily, and the bushings are OK

With the car up on jack stands, I shook the car and it sounded like it was coming from the gas tank area, but the tanks are firmly attached. Is there something inside or above the tanks that could have come loose and is rattling around on the bottom of the tank?

Anyone else with a similar issue?

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Get the car in the air and then take a dead blow hammer or heavy rubber mallet and start banging around on the entire rear suspension, one part at a time. Check the sway bar end links because they are famous for clunking noises. Grab each rear wheel and shake it up and down, back and forth. Check the rear struts for loose top mounts.

Get into the trunk and check out everything not tied down, spare, tools, jack, etc.

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I took it to an Auto Spring and Wheel Alignment place nearby and they said new struts all around and sway bar bushings are shot. My question is do I let them put aftermarket struts on? Or should I have my Lexus dealership put in original ride struts?

If I do the job myself, which aftermarket struts should I go with? Rock Auto has KYB and Moog assemblies.

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Bought sway bar bushings and end links as per the service place. Installed the bushings first. While under the car I find the rear brake splash shield was all broken and flapping around. I broke off the loose parts and magically the noise disappeared. So much for the $1400 estimate they gave me.


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