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OK. I'm offended! (Not really )

Paul Cook

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We don't seem to even have a category in the Lexus "How To" Guides for the "SC" Sports Coupe of the Lexus line. What's up with that? I could not believe that there isn't a single video or guide on how to remove the front or rear bumpers on the 430! Sheesh. That was a learning experience. LOL. There is a lot of valuable information buried in the Forum but you have to go through 39 pages to see if anything you want is actually there. I have tried the search option and it leaves something to be desired. Anyway. Just a bit of a humorous rant this morning. :jester:


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There are plenty of videos on YouTube showing how to remove and reinstall front and rear bumper covers on a variety of vehicles manufactured by Toyota.  They are all about the same and it's pretty easy to do. 



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