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Navigational system and corresponding buttons

Barbara H

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I have a 2011 ES 350 with no maintenance issues through 84k miles, until now. The navigational screen and all corresponding buttons don't work, including the trunk release. The following still works; lights,wipers, gas cap release, digital clock and temp indicators, and air conditioning although I can't change the temp or fan speed. Lexus stated I needed a refurbished navigation ECU and hard drive - to the tune of at least $2800, new system was quoted at $10K (seriously!). I asked if all fuses had been checked and was told yes. Work order stated "at connector E62 (navigation ECU), verified power at pins 1-3, and ground at pin 4." It's hard to conceive the system would blow so soon. Suggestions? I searched refurbished systems online and prices range from $250 - $600. I'm having another mechanic give a second opinion. I don't see another forum member posting this issue.  Thanks much for any replies.

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Barbara H,

I agree with paying to get another diagnosis, as hopefully you might get an explanation as to why the trunk release and fan speeds are affected with your nav screen issues.

That said, a recent 2 part YouTube video on a Subaru water leak caused a TPMS failure (module is under the driver's seat in a subie and shorted out due to water flooding) that also caused the radio to malfunction, the speedometer not to work, and a complete communications failure of the diagnostics system for the car. Once the car was dried out and the TPMS module replaced, the radio, speedo and OBDII communications all started to work again. What I'm getting at is that many of your car's systems' issues can sometimes be caused by just one part failure. Maybe they are all related?

Your best bet after the 2nd diagnosis is a refurbished unit if it backs up your first diagnosis. Its the cheapest route for you on a 9 year old car. (And no, you can't have the one from my wife's car.) Good Luck!


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