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SC430 "VSC-VSC OFF" Lamp Reset

Paul Cook

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This worked for me. 😀

1. Tools - paperclip 

2. Photo of where to install the paperclip. 

3. Car parked on flat level surface with steering wheel turned to the straight position. 

4. Insert key in ignition but leave "OFF".

5. Insert the paperclip in the White OBD II Port connector position shown in the photo. (located under the dash by the drivers left knee. May have a black cover.) 

6. Turn key to "ON" position (but do not start) and observe the VSC and ABS Lamps flashing on the cluster. Wait 15 seconds.

7. Turn key to "OFF".

8. Remove the paperclip from The "White OBD" connector and replace the black cover.

9. Start the car. VSC and the VSC OFF Lamps should be "OFF".

10. Press the "VSC OFF" Button on the center console. Verify "VSC OFF" illuminates. Press again and verify the VSC OFF Lamp on the cluster goes "OFF".

Hope this helps someone. 



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