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I have an 01 rx300 my problem is with the windows, when I unlock y door with my key all the windows open including the sunroof and the only why I found out to close them is by disconnecting the battery and sometimes I can open windows with door switch and sometimes I can't 

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Normally the windows roll down and the sunroof opens only if the key is turned in the door lock and held.  Are you saying that if you unlock the door with the key and immediately remove the key from the door that the windows still roll down?  If that is the case, maybe the window ECU or the door lock switch has a problem.  Do you have a remote that you can use to lock and unlock the vehicle?  If so does it also roll down the windows and open the sunroof when you press the unlock button on the remote.

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The windows do roll down when key is turned and held but when I try to roll up windows they won't go up I have to disconnect the battery then I can roll them up with door switch then when I want to roll them down again with the door switch nothing happens so I just leave them up, thanks for your reply.

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