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Best (Really) Used Lexus for $10-12K?


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My son is a college student who comes home frequently and puts a TON of miles on a vehicle.  He had a 2007 IS with about 175K miles and a big truck backed into it.  It was perfect for him but the insurance company totalled the car. We are looking for a new vehicle for him to last another 4 years if possible.   He puts a lot of miles on a vehicle so fuel economy is an issue.  He had rather have an old Lexus than a newer model lesser brand.  What would you recommend in the 10-12K range?  Am I asking for too much in that price range to last that long?

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Why not look at another IS for him? "Best" is really a subjective term and is impossible to define because best is different from person to person. If reliabilty and cost of maintenance are the most important then start looking there. If its gas mileage,  thats a different ballgame.  If Insurance is a concern, then maybe an older car with lower miles that he can insure with liabilty only. Good luck in your search. Most kids are just happy to have something to drive. 😉


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