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RX heated/ventilated seats


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Both the heated seats and the ventilated seats in my 2017 RX are underwhelming, underperforming and thus, underappreciated.  I have been told that techs can adjust the heat and ventillation in '19 Audi Q5s.  As this 'appears' to be true can the same be done in the RX?



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I did challenge the option, thinking I had it disable somehow, and they proved to themselves that it was working fine, but here is my conclusion: The seats do have a fan and they say it was working, but I understand that the seat covering is porous but NOT openly vented.  Therefore, the seat is cooled indirectly by cooling the material, but does not really push air thru the seat.  After two summers using this feature, I can’t say that I’ve ever noticed that the seat was warm. when getting out. Most cars are now coming out with the heated/cooled option.  You might check out the cooling method Toyota and Honda are using...  Bet it’s the same!

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