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94 Es 300 Price

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I have just recently purchased my Es 300 and i think i got a good deal. It has no problems and 110000 miles. I was just wondering what you would expect to pay on such a car.

P.S. Exterior and interior look like new and the engine runs good.

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About 1 year ago I traded in my '94 ES and the dealer allowed me $8000. The car was in immaculate condition and it had only 53K miles. All the dealer had to do was minor detailing. The car was then put up for sale and was sold in less then 1 week for $10,000.

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You can find many here in the Dallas area for around $5000.

I don't know what is about the Dallas Ft. Worth area, but you guys do have some great deals on luxury cars down there. All of the eBay cars that I see that are worth a darn are from there. Must be alot of rich people in the area.

I fond that if you just look around long enough, the right deal comes along. Just don't ever be in a hurry to buy a car (especially used) or you'll get hosed.

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