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RX 350 since 2016 is an ugly suv

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Well.... I am sure everybody has different opinion (especially on the car designs :) ).

However, I bought a 2019 RX350 last night, because of the new look. 

Hope I would not regret my purchase for long time. 


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On 7/29/2019 at 2:05 PM, pj8708 said:

Wow Walter!

Youv've posted two post so far and you've already insulted other members. One of which is me....2016 RX 350.


Paul, Walter didn't say you were ugly.  He didn't insult you or anybody else.  He said that he thinks that the generation 4 RX is ugly.  Lots of people including me are put off by the exterior styling of the gen 4 RX.  I wouldn't necessarily call the gen 4 RX the ugliest SUV on the road but it's in the running IMO.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the gen 4 RX hurts my eyes.  I especially liked the exterior styling of the gen 3 RX.

Based on Walter's previous thread, he appears to be shopping for a replacement for his 2007 RX.  If he doesn't like the gen 4 RX, perhaps the more conventional styling of the Toyota Highlander would be more to his liking.  The upcoming 2020 Highlander is significantly revised and has what we used to think of as a normal looking front grill.  Mechanically, the Highlander is very similar to the RX and it has a 3rd row seat that is much roomier than the 3rd row in the gen 4 RX-L.

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Thank you for explaining my intent. It's beyond my wildest imagination that someone would interpret my comments as

a personal criticism and of course my opinion is my opinion only. No reflection Paul. I know how difficult it is to overlook the comfort and reliability

of an RX based on it's appearance.

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Steady mates!!! LOL

Sometimes when I try to be cute I end up being not as cute as my mother thought I was. 

Jim I can't  believe we are both still able to sit up and take nourishment. Glad to know your still there in the big city.

The introduction of the Baleen Whale mouth look for the front of several Lexus models was a major shock for almost the entire car world. When we chose the 2016 RX, enough time had past for me to compare it to other new car makes. Over the last Christmas season advertisement video campaign Lexus showed a much better perspective that the pictures used for internet. I especially picked up on the aggressive appearance, and a more contemporary styling and in my brain, the sharp angles on the side and rear are a good improvement.

I think this new front finally gets us out of the ditch where we have always been called the old man look, Buick "excitement" looks, and a very difficult time making any kind of a real break into 30 & 40's age driver. I'm anxious to see the first and second quarter sales for 2019.

Walter, if you want expert help on Lexus and electronics you won't find anyone better than Jim. He and I have been here a long time and have made many friends. My health has slowed me down but I try to check-in regularly.


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I have a 2017 RX350 and love it...and I think it looks much better than the 2015 RX 350 I traded it in for. If you don't like the new models don't buy one. I suppose Lexus' sales numbers will ultimately determine success, but seeing the number of RX's AND NX's in the new style I'd say they're doing awfully well. 

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I want to buy a new SUV in 2021, but I can't stand the ugly grille on the Lexus RX 350.  Hope Lexus will redesign and come out with a new better looking grille.   

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