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Setting HomeLink 2019 ES300h

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I've only had my 2019 ES300h for a few days and so far I like it better than the 2017 E-Class it replaced. I loved the seats, dash, and sculpted beauty of the Mercedes interior, but that beauty came with a hefty price tag in terms of maintenance and making trips to the repair shop. 

One problem I'm having is programming HomeLink for the gate to our neighborhood.  I have a handheld remote I tried to pair it with, but no luck.  Any advice or tips?

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Hi Roy,

I'm not sure but if I understand your question the HomeLink feature which works with the button on the rear view mirror, will not work with your handheld device. On my 2016 there are to things that you can miss. Check for the "Learn" button on the garage door drive. Also, check to see if your particular  drive is new enough to work with HomeLink.


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New 2019 300ESH owner, can't get our existing remote to clone to "Home link" tried cloning at the vehicle, no joy. Then tried using the opener learn button followed by press home link for 2 seconds 3 times as per the door opener instructions, still won't clone. Any further suggestions? 


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I recently had a similar situation trying to program my just acquired 2018 ES350. Following frustration when applying the instructions in the owners manual,

You tube explained that one must cancel existing memory by pressing buttons 1 and 3 simultaneously, wait for the light in the rear view mirror to flash constantly ,

then program as directed in the manual. Check You tube , Lexus ES350 homelink for more details !

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