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My only key fob to my 1999 sc400 was stolen. Lexus dealer tells me that Lexus no longer sells keys for that year. I assume I can get a locksmith to get into the locked car. Any suggestions as to how I can start the car without the key?


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Houston,  you have a HUGE problem. When you say key fob, I am assuming you mean the key as well as the remote that locks and unlocks the vehicle. Do you have the Valet key that came with the car or the small rectangular silver aluminum key code that should be in the owners manual booklet? Because if not, you have a very large planter unless you want to spend a considerable sum to get all of the various electronics to talk to each other. The dealer MAY be able to help with the key code and even the transponder if they decide to be helpful. You can get replacement keys on ebay. Even get them cut for not much money by using just a picture of the key. Im sorry that I doubt you have a good picture of your original key and remote.

1. You need a key cut. Without a master,  that's basically impossible. 

2. You need the proper frequency transponder to talk to the car.

3. You need the key coded to the ECU and its imobilizer circuit. 

Option one. Seek out a professional automotive lock smith for their opinion on what your real options are.

Two. Get used keys, locks, ignition and doors and the matching ECU from a salvage car and HOPE it works when your done installing everything.

Im sorry. I hope I'm wrong and someone else chimes in with a simple solution because I know I am giving you absolutely doom and gloom. But keys in modern cars are way more complex than a simple house key. So sorry for your loss.


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      I'm a new owner of a 2004 ES 330. The Trunk Button did not seem to work on any of the Key Fobs. Tested Truck Button located to the lower left of Steering Wheel, Truck opened, which told me that the electronic truck latch worked. Tested the Glove Box 'valet' protection for the on/off to the lower left of steering wheel button, this worked as well.
      Another Lexus Owner Club member suggested, hold the Key Fob Trunk Button until the truck opened. Excellent advice IT WORKED !!!
      I / we kept expecting to push the Key Fob Trunk Button 'quickly' like we did for the door locks, and when that did not work, we assumed somthing was wrong.
      Solution: HOLD the Key Fob Trunk Button until the Truck pops open.
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