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Es 350 2007 bluetooth functions


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Hi, I've es 350 2007 gulf specs and didn't have Bluetooth button on my steering, so my question is if I change the steering wheel with US one, will I be able to enjoy Bluetooth or shall I buy some kit?


 Thanks, waiting for your feedback 

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Don't know what you mean by "gulf specs", and what steering wheel button you're referring to as the Bluetooth button?

What I can tell you is that if your car does not have the button for the feature you want, just changing the steering wheel to one that does will not give you that feature. There will be wiring harnesses through the steering column and dash board, and modules that will be required,  as well as a change over to a different head unit (radio/navigation) even. It'll be pretty involved and costly unless you can find a wreck that has the features you're after.

I suspect that you are referring to a hands free phone feature? If so do an Amazon or eBay search for "Parrot Hands Free" or similar device.

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Thank you very much, yes, you got my point, sure, I'll check from .


Note: The cars that being used in Middle East, is called "gulf specs" where they don't come with some features that US cars have, for example in the steering wheel there's no phone button which let you set Bluetooth.

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