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LX470 AHC Failure; Land Cruiser with AHC?


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Hi everyone,

Hope all is well.

2004 LX470 with 200k here, which I want to keep.

Active Height Control (AHC) system went yesterday. Rear axle on bump stops.

Drove to indy, which stated the left and right hydraulic lines are rusted and I’d likely need both rear shocks as well, due to likely rust at the top mounting points (?).

Quoted me $1,700, $1,250 for parts, $450 for labor. I’m told the parts would be OEM Lexus. How does this pricing sounds; high, low?

Can someone please help provide me with the part numbers I'd need? I’d like to call dealers and search online for better pricing.

ALSO, is there some Land Cruiser 100 Series model year that has AHC, or do all have conventional suspensions?

As some of you may recall, my front steering rack was leaking, indy stated I must use Lexus parts, but I went ahead with an OEM Land Cruiser rack, which worked just fine.

Please advise at your earliest as down a car.

Thank you!

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I found these part numbers:







Do the hydraulic lines that run front to back on either side of the truck come in sections?


Anyone know if the numbers above are the whole line, or only a part of the line?


Thank you.

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Can someone please confirm whether or not the 2006/2007 Land Cruiser AHC setup is the same as the 2004 LX setup?


In other words, would the LC part numbers I provided above be a direct fit / replacement on my LX?


I hope so, as I believe the lines are hard metal, which are not flexible. :|


Shocks the same as well?


Thank you again.

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I received the parts today and unfortunately, the hydraulic lines are black and hose like (actually 50% flexible, 50% rigid).


When the indy threw my car upon the lift, what he pointed out to me was silver / metallic and larger in diameter, and seems completely rigid.


Is there is difference between the air suspension hydraulic lines on a 2004 LX and a 2006/7 LC?


Can someone please shed some light on this? Can really use some help here.

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