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Question About Spring Installation

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Well, it didn't happen last week, but it looks like it will happen this week.

My friend and I are going to put the Eibach's on my GS400.

I was just curious, is there anything unusual that I need to be prepared for?

I'm expecting to just take off the wheels, undo the shocks, undo a nut on the upper control arm and then carefully get the spring out. (proper safety followed of course)

(ok, I just looked. I saw a sort of 'spring/shock' combo so my steps are tainted by old-school experience) :)

Any tips? (other than reminding me that I should get a manual! :( )

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Ha ha ha, according to the manual, it's a little more involved than that. The SST for the ball joints may be any compression-type ball joint seperator. The common "pickle fork" will destroy the ball joint boots. The SST for compressing the springs can be any type.

Don't neglect to properly retorque the bolts. Wouldn't want the wheels falling off!

Here's the front:


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THANK YOU for those pdf's man. Those are really helpful! :)

I've got the torque wrench covered, and probably the spring compressor as well, but I don't recognize the first mention of the SST. SST 09610–20012

That's the 'ball joint separator'. I don't think I have this tool!

I'm wondering if Pep Boys or Auto Zone have that??

What is SST anyway? "Special Service Tool"?

Where is the best place for me to pick up a Service manual anyway, I would expect that Lexus would rip me off. Is a Chilton's good enough?

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Ebay is good for manuals. The .pdf's I posted are from an Ebay manual on CD. Beware, there usually isn't any index, so you heve to search to find what you want. The Ball joint seperator is something that you should be able to get at Autozone or Pepboys. It has two claws and a threaded stud. You turn the stud and it pushes the joint apart without damaging it. It may also be called a bearing or gear puller. Looks something like the photo.


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