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Should I get a cover for my dash, it gets really hot, will it crack at some point?

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2014 Rx 350


My Lexus Is mainly used during the months of Nov to May and then I drive a Z4 during the summer. But  the dash gets really hot sitting on the driveway. I’m worried it’s going to crack over time. I put a towel over it now to reduce the heat and sun exposure. 

Should I buy a custom dash cover for the summer? 

Any thoughts ????????



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My wife always uses a windshield cover on our RX400h, yet the dash needed replacement, anyway. It was the material that was defective. Nonetheless, I recommend that you use a windshield cover since it both reduces the interior temperature AND protects the dash. I use a car cover on my cars but it can be cumbersome to install on a large vehicle on a daily basis so she uses only the windshield cover.

And by the way, Armor All does not accelerate drying/cracking/. It may have, 30 years ago but its modern formula has been proven to protect plastic surfaces from sun exposure. I use non-glossy AA on my interior plastics and the glossy stuff on door/hood seals and hoses in the engine bay.

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Lexus cars last a long time.  One of the hard things to replace is a cracked dash.  Put a rug on it, especially if your car is outside a lot.  In Nevada at 5,000 UV light is really strong and eats up a lot of things. 

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