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Rapid battery drain on key fob/remote


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has anyone experienced very rapid battery drain on Lexus  remote key/fob before? The battery on my remote key/fob  expires every 10 - 12 days and i've gone through more than 10 batteries in the last 3 months. I've heard that i may need to replace the remote. But I'll like other opinions. I wouldn't want to buy a new remote key/fob is the old one can simply be fixed and sorted out.

Thanks in advance of your feedback. 

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Just by chance, is the red light on the fob on continuous? My initial guess is that one of the buttons is stuck continuously. 

Lots of ways that can be wrong because if it was then the stuck button feature would most likely activate when you get close to the car. I get the impression that is not an issue.

I doubt its a battery issue because you have gone through so many.

Do you have a second fob? If so try it. I have never heard of an "immobilizer" issue that could cause such an issue, but if more that one fob is affected you might have to conclude that your issue is external.

My long shot guess is that you have some trash in the fob causing a power short inside. But again, I doubt that because you would have addressed that after changing the battery a couple of times or the fob would just would quit working altogether.

And lastly, if you keep your keys in your pocket or purse(?), could it be causing the fob to activate. 

Im just trying to hit all the possibilities. 

Most likely is that you just have a defective fob. Let us know if you find out something that would help others.


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Thanks for your feedback Paul. No the red light on the fob is not continuously on. its only comes on along with the beep from the car when ever a button on the fob is pressed. i usually keep the fob in my pocket, like i do my other car keys but only the ES350 key fob has had this issue. 

i recently purchased a key fob on ebay which i intend to take to a Lexus dealership for programing but i wanted to check with folks on the Forum to see if anyone had experienced this and if there is a fix for it besides replacing the fob. 

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