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Wanted - unrepairable Power Antenna for SC430

Paul Cook

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OK. I'm pretty famous around my household for saying I usually screw up everything the first time I do it. And my power antenna for my 02 SC430 is no exception. 

I had to take it apart to get the broken cable out and made the mistake of getting curious.  So I pulled out the gears. That was my first mistake. Second was pulling the motor. That was the final mistake because the motor is not self  contained. The brushes popped out and to make a long story shorter, it was effectively destroyed.

Now I said that was my final mistake.  Well really, my final mistake was throwing the actual power antenna away out of disgust that Toyota/Lexus Engineers who would make such a stupid design. I kept the antenna switch assy which was good. But without the antenna motor, I was unable to blank off the hole in the fender. So, what I "really" want is the Aluminum pipe that goes through the fender since I have already mounted an amplified antenna to replace the Lexus $700+ stock power antenna. Anybody know of one available? Thanks.

Below is a pic of the amplified antenna I mounted in the middle of the short glass to replace the stock unit. Sorry about the quality of the night time picture. Best I could do to get this out. Total cost of the new antenna was something like $33.00 and takes about 2 hours if you have never done it before.


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