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 Audio door and Steering Wheel-Modulator

Paul Cook

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For the electrical types out here I have a question.  Where is the switch unit that is mounted to the steering wheel, that you use to change radio modes i.e. AM, FM1, FM2, and volume, located in the electrical schematics of the "2002 Electrical Wiring Diagram" manual?

My audio door does not work and while looking at the plug itself, I have two extra wires (W/G and G) that come in on pins 1 and 5 that are not shown in the manual for plug A25. The other wires are correctly identified as coming into the "Audio Door Control SW".

I have looked high and low for where those two wires come from with no success and have made an assumption that maybe they are coming from the modulator switch on the steering wheel. But I cannot locate that switch in the schematics. Of course.

Lexus manuals have always left me wanting for something that resembles accuracy. 

Any help is always appreciated.  


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