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2012 Lexus 460 Unidentified switch.

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I have a switch (looks after market) just under my hood release lever (see picture).  I can't figure out what it is for.  Does anyone have any ideas?  It has 2 wires leading off to who knows where.


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That's a common aftermarket on/off switch that could be used to control anything.  All you can do is to trace the wires from it and see where they lead.  Do you see any non-standard equipment on your vehicle that the switch might control?  For example, I've used very similar on/off switches to activate aftermarket rear fog lights.  

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Help! I have 2018 used GX 460 Lexus with 16k  that has an annoying vibration at idle. Vibration can be felt while idling in the driver seat. Doesn't matter if AC is on or off. Tachometer does not move stays steady. If I shift into gear can still feel. Car was bought at auction and sold to herb Chambers Hingham MA. Help

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There are too many possibilities to speculate which is why you need a trained tech with appropriate equipment to diagnose.  If I had to guess, the problem might be a defective spark plug coil.  But a defective engine or transmission mount could cause a similar vibration.

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