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Lexus Gold Plating

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I recently bought a beautiful 1995 SC400. It shows perfect except for the "Gold Package" doo dads (Lexus emblem, SC400 Emblem etc.). I've been searching the web for an inexpensive way to re-plate them in gold. There are numerous ways to do this, with the cheapest I've found being on E-Bay


It costs $38.00 and sounds too good to be true. Has anyone every tried something like this? If so, how well do they work? I look forward to your enlightening feedback.


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I'm looking for the same thing... I have a 94 LS400, which is perfect EXCEPT for the gold emblems.

I'd like to know what that "solution" is... as the hardware end of it looks pretty home made.

In the event you guys find any solution, please let me know.... I have 2 "(L)" trunk and hood, 4 "(L)" on the chrome wheels, and a LEXUS on the trunk I'd like to get done...

Thanks again


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Well, I got the gizmo off of E-Bay and tried it. There is some good news and some mediocre news. The good news: When I removed the emblems (which is very easy, just pull off the center caps and push them out from the back) from the wheels and used a very fine steel wool on them and they cleaned up like new!! Obviously the problem was oxidation of some sort. The gold underneath was in excellent condition.

Now the somewhat good news: I removed some of the other emblems (with much difficulty) I don't think they are designed to be removed without tearing the car apart to get to the backside. I would strongly recommend that you plate them while they are on the car, just make sure you wash off all the solution afterwards.

The plating did work.... about 50% as well as I hoped it would. I did see color change, where there was very little gold remaining, gold color was deposited. However, it was not the bright shiny gold color you see in the other postings. It gave the emblems more of a brassy look. After polishing, they were'nt much better. I was able to plate two emblems that remained on the car and 6 that I removed.

So in the end, I would say that all the emblems have a more even appearance, just not that bright shiny gold appearance.

I have sent an e-mail to the seller asking for advice a few days ago. As of this writing, no word yet.


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I got hte same package done for my emblems done and they came out perfect. my pc were pitted and ready for the trash. I can say that they look like new or better. I got them back the same week. I do reco end that you ask for priority mail so they can insure the lot.

Engoy them and anbout taking of the emblems, ask them for the instructions. they are a sinch.


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