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violent wheel wobble

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Stearing wheel wobbles back and forth violently at 75-80 sometimes....not when mechanic is test driving of course.  Intermittent problem, does not do it all the time.  This problem is 

dangerous at freeway speeds.  Knowledgeable mechanic has checked tie rods, axles....everything on front end appears good....need help..!   Otherwise car is in very good shape.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but tires have been rotated and problem persists.  Also noticed that when wheel starts to wobble at freeway speed,

upon applying brake wobble seems to get worse until slowing down quite a bit, then will pull over and stop and start up again as if nothing has 

happened, even up to freeway speeds once again.  Intermittent problem with no apparent trigger....????

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I too have same type of issue.  Mine is a 2001 RX300 AWD.  Seems to happen only when on a right slow turn at freeway speeds.  I had alignment done and had wheel bearings checked.  Had tires rotated and pressure raised to 35 pounds.  Mechanics want to change differential oil along with change transmission fluid and filter/gasket.  Car has 89000 miles and looks great.

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