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2013 ES350 driver side mirror cannot be moved electronically.  Initially, the mirror stopped responding to the preset control and dash control but would shift downward while in reverse intermittently.  After a couple of weeks, it stopped moving when in reverse.  The passenger side mirror works in all cases.  It was diagnosed a a controller (i.e., computer) problem.  I'm having trouble reconciling that diagnoses with the fact that it worked intermittently for a while.  I've never known computers to work occasionally.  It seems to me it is more likely a connection problem.  Thoughts?

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An automotive ECU (electronic control unit) isn't much like a Windows PC or Apple MacBook which don't have to operate at temperature extremes.  Did a Lexus dealership diagnose the problem?  It is unusual for a problem like this to happen after only six years but apparent it does.  I don't know how we can second guess the diagnosis.  I suppose you could take it to someone else for an evaluation.  How much is the estimated repair cost?   

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22 minutes ago, SmithC said:

Jim.  No, it was not a Lexus dealer, but a trusted local shop.  About $500 for the part and $200 for labor...the part is inside the driver door/

Were you provided with a written estimate that describes the part?  I'm only guessing that the part is the "COMPUTER ASSY, OUTER MIRROR CONTROL" for the driver door which appears to be part number 89430-33230 which retails for $351.64 and is available online for $264.26.  I suggest that you ask exactly what part is needed including the part number.  If it is the part number I've giving you ... well ... to put it gently there may be a trust issue if their part charge is $500.  If you have the part number that is needed, you can google it yourself or ask in this thread.

I didn't realize that the mirror control ECU was inside the door but I haven't dealt with them since they've not been a problem on the Lexus and Toyota vehicles I've owned.  I pulled a driver door panel on a Toyota Sienna Limited with memory exterior mirrors a few weeks ago and the total time I spent pulling and reinstalling the door panel was no more than 15 minutes.  I did a Prius driver door panel the same day in about the same amount of time.  There's little difference in pulling Lexus and Toyota brand vehicle door panels - it's a little more complicated on some models but not much.

$200 for labor seems like a lot for pulling/reinstalling a door panel and replacing an ECU.  Labor prices vary and can be high in large cities.  Indie repair shops usually have a significantly lower labor rate than dealers but not always.  They may be guessing and padding the labor time if they are not familiar with the ES350.

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