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Ls400 air suspension stays at max height all the time


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My ls400 from 95 has since yesterday a problem that i cant seem to fix. The air suspension at the back keeps pumping to maximum which makes it almost impossible to drive since its so bumpy, also it now has a big power loss. 

I already looked at the sensors and everything looks fine to me.

I tried putting it in high and low again but it doesnt help at all 😕

Any solution or source of the defect would help a lot so please help me out here thank you!

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I had a similar problem--compressor burnt out because of leaks in the springs (air bags)--replaced the springs but the compressor was over $1600 for a 13 yr old vehicle which I didn't deem worth it so put in a valve to the bags to inflate to what i wanted--no more bumps


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