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Weird engine noise during start

Michel C

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My 2008 ES350 is making some strange noises during cold start for a few days.

The noise disappears after a minute once the engine is warm.

Does anybody has a hint as to what could cause it?

See the video I shot of the startup noises.


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Michel C,

First off, it doesn't sound serious. Sounds like a loose accessory belt (steering/AC belt/etc.)

Pull the plastic covers off of the engine, and when its cold at start up, look around in the engine bay and see if you can spot where the noise is coming from. It might be the AC clutch needing some lubrication or a bearing starting to go. If you can't tell yourself, with the panels off, take it to a good independent mechanic to find the source and suggest a fix.

The center cover just pulls straight up, and all of the other panels are held on by push pins. Push down the center of each pin, then lift the entire plug assembly up and out to remove them. When reinstalling the panels, pull up on each pin center, until it sits above the outer ring by 3/16 th's of an inch or so, then place the plug into its panel hole, and push the center of the plug down , only until its flush with the plug's outer ring.

Take pictures of which panels overlap each other, otherwise you'll get them down in place and find one or two panels you can't get back in place without dissasembling part of what you've already installed. (Ask me how I know?)

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