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A/C Not Working


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Hello everyone;


Does anyone know how many condensers the GX470 have?  I am being told that it has 2 (front & rear), but not sure.  My A/C is not blowing cold air and the mechanic found a leak on the rear condenser (red dye).  He is quoting me $575 for the rear and said this must be fixed first because of the leak and if the front is bad, it will cost another $1,200 or so to replace.  I thought the front condenser was in front of the radiator; thus much easier to replace, but he says he must tear down the dash which is much more work and this is where the $1,200 comes in for the front condenser.  Any thoughts????

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Hi Craig;

Not really sure.  The guy I took the truck to just said that to replace the front condenser, he would have to tear the dash out, but I thought the front condenser was in the engine bay just in front of the radiator.  But then again, I am no mechanic, thus my post.  As it turns out, my GX does have a rear A/C (I.e rear condenser).  I just bought the truck and I have other problems with dash lights ( VSC, VSC Off,  Slip Indicator, which causes the Check Engine light to also illuminate) that I also need to fix.  Otherwise, the truck really runs good, the body & paint are very good, the interior is good, new tires & brakes, so once I fix the dash lights and maybe the A/C, I think I'll have an awesome vehicle. The  funny thing is that when I reset these lights, they come back on all at once, so not sure what may be going on.


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