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How do I access the Antenna Motor on a 2000 LX470


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The plastic notched cable that raises and lowers the antenna separated from the antenna mast somehow, and has retracted into the power antenna motor.I need step-by-step instructions on how to access the antenna motor, so I can remove the old plastic cable.   I know how to install a new antenna mast, and believe me, I wish that was all I needed to do.  But I can't put the new mast on until the old plastic cable is removed from the motor.  I'm assuming I go in through the fender well, but before I start popping plastic rivets, I thought I'd reach out. ( I just paid my mechanic big bucks for the 200K service interval, so I'd rather try to figure out this fix myself if at all possible!)  Thanks for any help and advice! 

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IiAccessing Antenna Motor for 2000 LX470 in Ten Steps.

The notched plastic cable came lose from my antenna and reeled-in completely into the motor; I could not replace the antenna without first removing that cable from the motor.

1.  Remove the mast from the motor, by loosening and removing the bolt that secures it to the car fender.  Put this bolt somewhere safe.

2. There is plastic cowling under the passenger-side wheel well.  (It’s probably helpful to remove the front right tire/wheel, but not required; I just turned the wheel as far to left as possible and that provided good access.)

3. There are about 8 plastic rivets to pop-out, and two screws;  you don’t need to take the piece completely out; just remove enough to gain access to the antenna motor. You’ll probably break the rivets when removing them and you’ll need replacements.  You can get these from your dealer, however I found some generic plastic auto-body rivets at Ace Hardware that worked fine. 

4. Once you can bend-back the cowling and access the motor, you’ll see the motor is fastened to one bracket with one bolt.  Remove this bolt and the motor comes free.

4. It may require a little wiggling, but the motor should drop out.  Carefully move the plastic protective cover. And then carefully unsnap the power cable connection.  Note: I left the radio antenna wire connected.

5. To open the motor, there are about 5 or 6 screws to remove.  It’s very greasy, so surgical gloves were helpful to wear.  It’s sealed very tightly with grease, so you have to pry it open.  

6.  Once open, remove the broken plastic cable and then tightly reassemble the motor.

7. Reconnect the power cable and repackage the motor in the plastic protective wrap.

8. Slide the motor back in place loosely. Before tightening it in place to the bracket,  push the mount through the fender mast hole and reattach the nut; this assures it’s at the proper height to be tightly secured.  Once this is done,  securely tighten the bracket bolt.

9. Now you can remove the exterior fender nut and install a new antenna mast. (Lesson learned: buy an OEM Toyota/Lexus mast. It’s  are expensive, but worth it.  I found myself in this predicament because I bought a cheap replacement on Amazon.com.)   There are a number of posts and “how to’s” for reinstalling a new electric antenna mast ... so I won’t go into those details here. 

10.  Once you’ve reinstalled the antenna and are confident it’s working correctly, replace and remount the plastic wheel cowling.  You should be good to go!






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