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LS400 Missing hubcap! Are these stock wheels?

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No, they are not original wheels.  The 1997 LS400 Coach Edition came with wheels that looked like the standard wheels on the 1998-2000 LS400 although I think the finish was different - see the attached photo of a 1997 LS400 Coach Edition.

Finding replacement hub caps / wheel centers for aftermarket wheels can be difficult to impossible since an aftermarket wheel style might be sold for only a limited time.  Have you looked on the back side of one of the wheels to see if there is anything about who made them?

1997 LS400 Coach Edition.jpg

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Okay awesome, that's what I thought. It was owned by an older gentleman before. I couldn't imagine him putting aftermarket wheels on it.

Anyway, one of the wheels has a small air leak so I'm just going to buy the matching wheels off Craigslist. I wanted to keep the car mostly original which is the reason I was wondering about the hubcap but I'm not worried about it if these aren't the original wheels. Thank you for your help!

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Look man, not to be a party pooper or anything, but if you're going to buy the appropriate wheels, might as well buy them from legitimate sellers. Why go to Craigslist, if you can just buy from 4WheelOnline. If aftermarket wheels are what you're after, they're your one-stop-shop.

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