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HS250h Tire Sensor Problems


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I have to think this subject has drawn comments here, perhaps someone can point me to them.  My wife acquired a 250h 2010 and in recent years it developed an issue with the back right tire which always loses pressure, for example, going from 35 down to 25 within a week or so.  We have had it into the Lexus dealer numerous times and they increasingly seem to have no solution.  That tire has been re-beaded several times, but always starts to have the same problem again.  They claim that completely replacing the tire would solve the problem, and say that replacing the pressure sensor would not necessarily solve the issue.  We're about to replace the tire itself -- but I am skeptical that this will actually resolve the problem.  Any help anyone could provide appreciated.  I know that replacement tire sensors are widely available, and not through the dealer, but wonder if this is something we should do.

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I have used 'Slime' and similar vulcanizing treatments in my cars and bike tyres successfully for years.
It works by sealing any deficiencies (such as porosity in the alloy rim) and also any other slow punctures.

It is introduced through the tyre valve and state that it is okay to use with TPM sensors.

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