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I recently bought a 2002 RX 300.  The nav system has a date of 2001.  I would like to update it.  Do I need to do every update since then in sequence or can I just get the latest update?  Thanks in advance for any advice on this.  And, where is the cheapest place to get the CD or CDs.

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The final update for the generation 2/3 navigation system used in the 2002 RX was in fall 2013.

The part numbers for the final 2013 update was PT219-GN23E-13 or PT219-GN23W-13 with the "E" and "W" indicating the part number for East or West of the Mississippi River and the "-13" indicating that the update was issued in fall 2013. 

You might be able to obtain these updates at a Lexus dealer for the $169 retail price or less if you can get a discount (e.g. through the Costco Auto Program) but you might be able to find it on eBay at a far lower price.

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16 hours ago, bahwrites said:

So, is that final update the only one I have to install?  Will that one update bring me up to date with the 2013 info?  Thanks in advance for your advice.

Yes, you need only this one DVD.  Navigation updates are cumulative and each one contains all that is needed.

Unfortunately, the maps on the latest map update DVD for your RX will be six years old.  There are a lot changes from year to year so you may find that the 2013 update will sometimes provide erroneous information.

If you have a cell phone with a decent size data plan and you mainly drive where there is good cell phone service, a cell phone navigation app such as Google Maps or Waze might be more useful.  A portable navigation device such as a Garmin might be better too but we found on a recent trip to Seattle that a Garmin with up-to-date maps was no match for Google Maps on a cell phone.

If you do buy a map update DVD for your RX, here is a thread on ClubLexus that describes how to install it:  https://www.clublexus.com/forums/rx-1st-gen-1999-2003/155443-rx300-navigation-dvd-update-procedure.html

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