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Coil spring dimensions


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Hey guys!

I got Lexus LS400 II, 1998 from USA and living in Europe now. I bought this car in 2011, and now suspension is gonna become lower, especially if car is fully loaded with adults and baggage. I found original parts with the price about 200$ per 1 spring and I feel it's kinda expensive. More over, I found spring manufacture plant in my country and I'd like to order a production on my own parameters - I want to make spring more tough and higher. The problem is - My car in another city and I probably can't check it next 2 months or so. My car is rare in my country.

Does anyone have a coil spring dimensions? Front and rear? I could change it and make an order in manufacture plant. 

I attached a picture of spring with unknown data. And picture of my car.)

Vin # is JT8BH28F2X0142722

I apologize for my English, just in case :) Not my first language. 





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Look up H & R , Eibach or Swift lowering springs for your car. These will lower the car about 1 to 2 inches and give you a stiffer ride. I can't tell you the dimensions of the stock springs.

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