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YouTube Kids takes over the sound as if it’s a phone call

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We have  a 2015 gx460 with a navigation system.

when our kids watch YouTube kids on the iPhone it treats it like a phone call.  It takes over our sound system.  The only option is to turn the sound off.  

Regular youtube is treated like media.  We can still listen to the radio while the kids watch regular YouTube but YouTube kids is a different story.

Has anyone else had this issue?

Are there updates to the nav system to get it more up to date? 

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Are your children watching videos on the same iPhone that is connected to your Lexus for phone calls?  If so, stop doing that.  Configure your iPhone as a hot spot and have your children connect to it for watching videos on separate devices such as different cell phones, laptop computers, tablet computers, etc.


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6 hours ago, Danscan said:

Our other cars don’t do this. Having to add another device seems like a work around instead of a solution 

It may be a workaround but it's a reliable and standard one.  I can't comprehend giving a child the cell phone I depend on to play with.

Check the settings on your iPhone to verify that the YouTube Kids app is not sending data to your vehicle over the Voice or Audio stream. 

Or get an Android phone.  Android phones support all the features of Toyota/Lexus vehicle systems.  iPhones do not since they do not adhere to industry standards.  (I'd like to take a sledge hammer to wife's iPhone!)

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