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2 different issues here. I have a 2001 rx300 with 176k.  

Issue 1:  Recently I had my exhaust completely replaced.  After it was replaced, I noticed it was hesitating to accelerate. Doesn't do it all the time but noticeable. Did not happen prior to exhaust replacement.

Issue 2:  At the same time I have noticed it was hard to break. Breaks got really hard to stop. Sometimes at a full stop and car in gear after about 10 secs or so the break pedal wold push a little further down. As if some pressure was released. I checked fluid and thats good. No leak from calipers. Pumped breaks when car was off until it got hard.  Turned car on and got travel of the break pedal, so I assume my booster and MC are still functioning.  Any help would be appreciated.  

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    • By Johnnyb131
      If have a 2000 gs 300. I've owned it for about 5 years, now has 200k miles on it. In the past year I have replaced my rear brake pads 4 times. 45 days ago new rotors, calipers and pads, they are worn down again.  
      I thought I may have gotten cheap pads so last time I bought upgraded ebc pads and discs and they only lasted 45 days. Thought it might be my master cylinder going out but this only happens to rear brakes and not front breaks, so not sure. In the 45 days I drove about 4000 miles. Any ideas?  I don't drive hard. 
    • By 403clublexus
      Hey guys so im having a bit of trouble here figuring out the problem with my 92 ls400 just bought the car 2 months ago. so i was driving it to work a week before and my engine died at a light figured it was because of my subwoofer cause a short. so i waited 2 minutes started it back up drove it too a friends parked it let it run for 10 minutes didnt see any issues drove too work fine. 2 days later was driving it onto the highway felt a little power loss as i was accelerating around 2000rpm after 3 it was fine so i continued driving got too the mall let the car sit for a couple hours came back out started it let it run for a bit then drove back towards home engine died completely even with my foot down then wouldnt start back up towed it back to my house let it sit for two days then tried to start it it started up it started but now idles below 1000 rpm revs up fine as the rpms kick back down it shudders a bit no idea whats going on also coolant light just came on 
    • By joncurry94
      So a friend of mine was helping me clean the throttle body and he accidentally broke a really cracked hose, so he tried to replace it. Since then I have been having this weird issue where I am idling at 1,100 RPM's until the car starts to get hotter. 
      Attached is the image and you can see the hose that was replaced with non oem parts, kind of rigged up. What is the black plastic cover and what are the three hoses that go into it? I am trying to replace all three because they are all sort of damaged just from the heat over time. 

    • By alecxjk
      So basically here is whats happening. I own a 1992 es300 with 112,000 miles on it. I bought the car about 3 months ago with 105,000 miles on it. All in all its a pretty decent set of wheels for a poor 22 year old college student, however it has a couple of problems. The primary issue is this. When I stop at a light and the car is idling it will idle at about 750rpm, however after idling for a couple of minutes it will drop to about 500rpms, and this is when a single misfire occurs. The misfire is completely random, and sometimes doesn't happen at all, however i noticed when the A/C or heater or just the fan for the vents is on, the misfire seems to be more consistent. The car does not misfire while driving, only when idling or after freshly shifting into gear. This problem is driving me crazy, Ive replaced the O2 sensors, the spark plugs, and got a complete tune up done. There is no check engine light. Ive done a ton of research and from what I can tell it is either the ignition coils failing, or something to do with the fuel injectors. But before i shell out more money that I dont have I was wondering if anyone has any opinions on the issue or has experienced a similiar issue themselves? Also i feel it neccecary to mention the transmission is slipping, not all the time, but sometimes it does slip, im taking it to get looked at next week. Its a great car and honestly Id hate to get rid of it so soon.Thanks in advance for anyone who responds, i really appreciate it. Also I read on here that i should be using 91 octane fuel instead of 87 is this true?
    • By Crazymedic
      Hello all, searched for days and can't find a solution to my problem hopefully someone can help. I have an intermittent surge in RPM. Smooth idle at about 500 RPM surging randomly to 900 rpm. No AC on and nothing added or changed that would be calling for an increase. I've done the obvious air filter and cleaned the MAF sensor. I also cleaned the throttle body (removed and cleaned well) and replaced the spark plugs with iridium Denso. My initial thought was an idle air control which I planned on removing and cleaning or replacing, but I'm not seeing a traditional IACV on mine so assuming it's part of the electronic box riveted to the right side of the throttle body. Additionally I've searched for a vacuum leak using propane but found no love that route either. It runs smoothly no misses or rough idle but the random surge is just enough that if I'm at a stop light for example and am not diligent about applying the brake well it will move the vehicle forward.....I'm stumped. Thanks in advance for any advice anyone might have.
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