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I have a Lexus ES350 2015. 
I can not hold my car in place while I move my foot from brake to accelerate on an incline. My vehicle keeps rolling backwards. According to Lexus dealer it is normal. Please help. Thank you.

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Move your foot quickly from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal.  Is this happening a lot?  Could using the parking brake help?  Release the parking brake as you accelerate.

Some Toyota and Lexus models have Hill Start Assist Control as either a standard or optional feature.  To activate it, the driver presses the brake pedal hard until he hears a beep and then he has about two seconds to press the gas pedal before the brake disengages.  Unfortunately, the 2015 ES350 does not have has this feature.  The 2015 ES300h, however, does have Hill Start Assist Control - see page 319 of your owners manual if you want to read about it.  It's also online at https://drivers.lexus.com/t3Portal/document/om-s/OM33B99U/pdf/OM33B99U.pdf .

Newer Toyota and Lexus models with all-speed adaptive cruise control have a brake-hold feature that automatically applies the brakes when the adaptive cruise control brings the vehicle to a stop.  Some models have a brake hold button on the dashboard.

Both our vehicles have Hill Start Assist Control but I rarely remember to use it and just move quickly between brake and gas pedals ... except on one "killer hill" here that has a traffic light halfway up it.

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Break Hold has become one of those features on the 18 RX-350 that I got hooked on because of a lot of town driving.  Locks one second after you come to a stop if you keep the foot on the brake.  Release with a light touch of the gas pedal. But the switch is located on the console recessed under the dash a bit.  Sure would be nice to have that on the steering wheel because it turns off the option everytime the engine is truned off.  Have to be wearing the seatbelt before activating or it will not work. I tested the feature on a very steep hill and the break pressure is enough to hold the RX from moving  forward.  Not tested for holding while facing upward on a very steep hill.  Lots of warning in the book.  Feature not to be confused with the emergency break - two different mechanisms.  They realize that in extreme slope condition, the BH will NOT hold and you would have to use the break pedal or emergency brake.

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