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Maintenance Requirement

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I have bought a new 2016 RX350 and the vehicle was driven 30k. When i took my car for servicing, the dealer has mentioned "BG fuel and oil additive" and "replace gear oil within rear differential and transfer case" which the dealer said was recommended by Lexus. Is it really necessary to perform these services? How does it affect my vehicle? If these options needs to performed then can i delay for another 5 or 10k?

And if i have to opt in for these services then can you please suggest any mechanic outside of Lexus dealer as the dealer costs are 283 for parts and 478 for labor. These prices includes other services which i have not mentioned here. When i opted out of these two, the price was reduced by over $300.

Any information shared is greatly appreciated.

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My '16 RX350 is in for its 40,000 mile service now. They said I needed a brake flush at 30,000 (129.99), fuel system saver package ($288) and and A/C refresh ($89.99). The tech said each dealership has different suggested maintenance and I had my 30,000 done at a different Lexus dealership and it wasn't part of their package. Leads me to believe I don't need it. It's not on the maintenance schedule for the car at either 30,000 or 40,000.  Neither this dealership or the last one mentioned anything about the services you said they recommended.

Seems to me the dealerships are full of unnecessary suggestions.....

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I expect dealerships to start recommending and charging for changing the air in tires any day.  And don't forget the most important maintenance requirement - changing the blinker fluid!  Here's a how-to video so you don't have pay someone else to do it.  😁



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